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School Supplies

The following items are REQUIRED at the beginning of school:


  • Three ring Binder only for Geometry (no less than 1 and 1 half inch)
  • Lined Loose Leaf Note Book Paper (2-3 packs)
  • Three Dividers
  • One Pack of Ink Pens (Either Black or Blue Ink)
  • Two packs of #2 pencils
  • One pack of Color Pencils
  • Two-Three highlighters
  •  1 Book of Graph Paper
  • One Glue Stick
  • One Ruler
  • One Protractor
  • One Compass
  • One Composition black and white book
  • An email address (if you don't already have an e-mail address, you need to set one up)
  • One Large Eraser
  • One bottle of White out
  • One Scientific or graphing Calculator
  • One pair of scissor (no sharp tips)
  • One pack of multi-colored post-its
  • One 2GB USB 


Get 2 Months for $5!